Welcome to the Skills Proficiency Food Preparation 

Sondela Academy required that the learner master the 14 cooking methods and show proficiency by producing a variety of dishes in a working environment.   The programme is of a practical nature and the learner has to demonstrate his/her skills to prepare food.

The Skills Proficiency Award in Basic Food Preparation will provide a broad introduction to essential practical skills of which this module is to enable the learner to:

  • Maintain safe working conditions;
  • Adopt safe procedures for themselves and others;
  • Prepare equipment and commodities for use;
  • Cook food using basic techniques.

 During this programme the learner is responsible for:

  • Confirming to assessors that they understand the requirements of the programme;
  • Confirming to assessors that they understand the relationship between the requirements and the tasks they need to perform to demonstrate competence and/or related knowledge;
  • Discussing and agreeing assessment plans with their assessors;
  • Identifying possible sources of evidence;
  • Maintaining and presenting evidence in a well-organized way;
  • Ensuring that the evidence is adequate to present for assessment;
  • Make themselves available for assessment and to discuss their evidence.

Formative and Summative Assessments will be conducted during the programme and the learner will be assessed on dishes that need to be prepared and served to clients/guests.

The practical assessments may be carried out during the learning programme, but they may also take place during a special assessment period once training has been completed.

Duration: 4 weeks.   

This programme can be fun but will require commitment and hard work. Sondela Academy wishes you all the best during this programme.

Benefits: Certification

Let’s get cooking!